The heart of the DRS Project is the resistance stategies that our research has found being used by college, high school, and middle school age students. These strategies represent different ways people can say "no" when offered alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. The acronym, REAL stands for:


a simple no

"I was at this boy's house seeing a friend. We were all smoking [tobacco] and this guy pulled out some dope. He started smoking that. He asked all of us if we wanted to and we said no."

Dylan, age 13


no with an explanation

"(I explain to him), no way will I do drugs (with him). One of my friends. One of my past friends...He used to sell it himself. And, so he got arrested and then...then we...we had to...had to take care of his child."

Maya, Age 12


avoid the situation in which drugs are present or, if drugs are present, the offer itself

"Where I live there's a lot of drinking and smoking like around the corners and stuff. So, I just cross the street or something."

Jaqueline, Age 12


leave a situation in which you find drugs present

We went outside and then came back in and he was still smoking. He kept after us, saying we were losers, but we just left and me and my friend never went back. My friend never hangs with that guy no more.

Raul, age 12